Viva La Cubanita

La Cubanita

In collaboration with The Compound, I worked on these funky character animations for the commercial for La Cubanita, a tapas franchise with 50+ locations in the Netherlands. Always fun to spice up a pepper, make a corn less corny and ignite a spark in the relationship of softy shrimp and crunchy croquette. Explain that on your aunties' birthday.

I started to first break up the illustrations in different layers inside of Photoshop to make them suitable for animation. Then I rigged up the characters inside of After Effects using several rigging tools such as DUIK, Limber, Bendio and good old puppet tool.

The animations were all made on an existing audio file with voice-over. The rest was a matter of pushing lots of key frames with the rigs and a bit of frame-by-frame here and there.

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Richard Beerens

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La Cubanita

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