Lama Lama

I got invited by digital design agency Lama Lama to collaborate and help with creating explainer animations and motion assets as part of the new Treebytree branding. Treebytree is a social enterprise on a mission to turn 'corporate gifting' into 'gifting back'.

I animated a series of African inspired animals, trees and characters, so that we could really bring the viewer to Africa, where all gifted trees are brought back to life, by their Treebytree's partner JustDiggit. I teamed up with my befriended designer Jordy Wedding who helped me with with the illustrations and I animated them all using a combination of 2D rigs and a bit of cel animation.

I also made these fluid patterns that could easily be generated to quickly make new and unique, yet on brand backgrounds. Very handy for a quick turnaround when making new content.

I also animated the new Treebytree logo and created several templates for in-app usage, guiding the user through the digital experience step-by-step. Eventually, all deliverables were nicely put together into a nice motion branding toolkit.

Motion design
Richard Beerens (me)

Additional illustrations
Jordy Wedding

Additional pattern illustrations
Nick Liefhebber

Sound design
Studio Make

Design Studio
Lama Lama


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