The Future of IT Consultancy


One of the clients of Glasnost of which we cannot tell you the name due to due confidentiality simplifies IT troubleshooting, by automating the entire process, giving users the tools to resolve problems themselves, while guiding them at every step. Glasnost wanted to produce a short film to showcase this groundbreaking approach. Their client used this film to sell their services to various potential clients of their own. Therefore, we implemented some modularities to be able to quickly adjust animations in After Effects and personalize the film per client.

Emphasize the impact of an automated digital workspace on the end user, by telling the story from their perspective. We animated a central protagonist in 2D, which allowed us to blend together his environment with the on screen U.I.

The result is a clear and concise explainer video, ready for use in online promotion and B2B presentations. Our modular approach means we can quickly and affordably recycle the animation to suit any storyline and client.


Creative Director
Richard Beerens

Pip Williamson, Richard Beerens, James Carbutt

Pip Williamson, Richard Beerens, James Carbutt


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