Superstellar - formerly known as Coccinelle, is a high-end and beloved fashion brand for babies, toddlers and kids. They completely rebranded their entire company with a new name and completely new digital shopping experience and two flagship stores in the Netherlands. I was asked by the talented folks at Bolden to create this announcement video and to utilize motion design to present the new brand name, visual identity and intergalactic ambitions.

We worked closely with the talented sound designers of Studio Make. We asked them to create the music track with voiceover even before we started animation, because in this case we wanted the audio track to be leading and to be the guideline for the entire animation. They only had to add the finishing touches in sound design once the animation was completed.

Rebranding is about transformation, and motion design was our wand for making this transition truly magical. It allowed us to visually narrate the evolution of the brand by presenting the new look and feel, ensuring that the essence of Superstellar shines through every frame. Superstellar is all about celebrating the joy of childhood, and motion design helped us convey the whimsy, charm, and endless possibilities that come with it.


We wanted our audience to embark on a dreamy journey with us as we unveil Superstellar, where fashion meets imagination, and kids are the stars of the show. Find the full rebranding case study here.

Motion design
Richard Beerens

Creative Direction
Studio Bolden

Sound Design
Studio Make


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