A 'MOOY' gesture


The name MOOY, or as you would originally spell it 'mooi' means beautiful in Dutch. International flower wholesaler, originally a Dutch company, is specialized in supplying flowers throughout Europe. As a florist, ordering through their digital web shop is effortless. Together with our client we came up with a concept that shows their working methods incorporated in a 'beautiful' story with the use of emotion and visual storytelling only.

Relying on emotion and visual storytelling meant that we could not use voice-over or voice acting in our story. We deliberately designed our characters to, in addition to perfectly match the sleek graphic identity, have another function: conveying emotion. We gave them a diverse range of facial expressions in order to be able to add emotion and warmth to the story.

Furthermore, we consciously used a story arc in the development of the storyboard. To grab the viewer's attention from the very first seconds we open the film with an 'establishing shot' to show where the story takes place. When the order button is pressed, we cranked up the intensity for the climax. And we end the story calmly, with a small but kind gesture. In addition, we used the music to hit the right emotion at the right time.



Creative Direction
Richard Beerens

Nacho Darras, Richard Beerens

Character animation
Nacho Darras, Richard Beerens

Edit, compositing, motion graphics
Richard Beerens

Jeoffrey van Overveld

Robert Ostiak

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