Translating complexity into simplicity


WordsOnline is one of the most innovative players in the translation market. They asked us to help present their groundbreaking A.I. translation process to a global audience. They also challenged us to develop an entirely new visual identity. Challenge accepted!

We developed a new brand identity, a design language and multiple 3D animated films. The film shown above is a perfect example of how a brand identity can lead to a film that explains how WordsOnline can help e-commerce businesses go global faster. Besides, we also developed a modular and customizable toolkit which includes branded templates that enables mass production of multiple types of content for a variety of media.


In developing WordsOnline's new brand identity, we used their mission as a guideline: “Translation Made Easy”. Based on this, we created a design language that metaphorically represents translations. The 3D data streams are made up of elements from different languages, such as Western, Chinese or Arabic symbols. Each color from the palette represents a specific language. This design language serves as the basis for every form of brand communication from WordsOnline and is also implemented in the entire branding.


As a brand grows, so does the need for content. In order to fulfill this need, we have collaboratively decided to develop a Motion Toolkit. This is a package of animation templates of certain video elements. For example: animated logos, leaders, transitions and even lower-thirds for naming people in interviews. These templates are customizable and can be used modularly for the development of all kinds of content in large numbers. For example interviews for LinkedIn or company videos. We also provide a handy manual along with the open source files. In addition to flexibility, a Motion Toolkit also ensures consistency and professionalism in the appearance of a brand.



Creative / art direction
Richard Beerens

Jeoffrey van Overveld

Script and storyboard
Richard Beerens

3D artist
Dylan van Sprang 

Music & Sound
Robert Ostiak

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